The beautiful thing about life is that it’s a never-ending journey and for Nashville-based singer-songwriter Caitie Andreen it was a past career at a local news station in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas that pushed her to take a
leap of faith, follow her heart and pursue a dream that had been tugging on her heartstrings. She says, “I was working crazy hours to climb the ladder and become a news reporter when it wasn’t my number one dream.  Becoming a songwriter was my dream.”

Music began for Andreen at the age of five-years-old when she learned to play piano and was participating in school performances. At ten she started writing songs in the bedroom of her childhood home in Arizona, drawing from experiences, relationships with friends, and events that were happening during those adolescent years of her life. Upon graduation, Andreen moved to Texas where she enrolled in the Texas Christian University and received a double major in Political Science and Journalism. It was after college that she began working for the news
station CBS 11 as an Associate Producer and would later go on to get her Masters in Education so that she could support herself while still pursuing music. She says, “Finding a career that felt meaningful while still trying to
work on my music was my goal.”

Fast-forward to now, Andreen has teamed up with Grammy-nominated Producer Dave Moody and Lamon Records President for her debut 6-track EP “These Days” which released in November of 2018. The tracks are a
collection of songs co-written by Andreen along with some of Nashville’s prestigious songwriters who have written for the likes of Reba McEntire, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and many more.

“Caitie is one of the most talented songwriters I’ve come across in Nashville in recent years. She truly has an amazing gift of stringing catchy lyrics and melodies together.” Says Moody of Andreen’s most recent

Fans can download her music on Spotify, iTunes, and all digital streaming services. If you’re a fan and visiting Nashville, don’t forget to check back
for upcoming appearances.

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